Monday, October 29, 2012

Team Accurate & Luna Sea at Gordo

Gabriel Mantano of Accurate Team Luna Sea landed this amazing 243 pound yellowfin tuna at the Gordo Bank off San Jose Del Cabo.    
Gabriel is one of the managers at the East Cape Resort Rancho Leonero.  The late afternoon into the dark has been the ticket the Gordo.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Derek and the boys fished Mike Lackey's Vagabond.

 The 2012 trip was a real success. we had great seas , lots of good eats from the galley and fish that wanted to play. Albacore, yellowfin, bluefin and dorado all paid us a visit. some even made the trip back back to San Diego with us. Combine that with the great swag provided by our awesome sponsors and it made for one heck of a good trip. Would like to thank Ballyhood, Accurate, Gamakatsu, Maxima, Bioedge, Tiburon and the Longfin for their continued support.Tthey are the best !  Get out and go fishing they are still biting. Congrats to Derek for regaining his beer title, Mr. button captured big fish honors, and robert took home a nice Accurate rod.Ttight lines to all,   Rich.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 200# Club

206.4 yellowfin tuna

After years of wondering what it would be like to have an opportunity to catch a 200 lb. tuna I was lucky enough to get on the 2012 Accurate June Heat trip on the Red Rooster.

In advance if getting on this trip I had read that Accurate was doing some pretty trick stuff to their ATD 12 reels and I thought being armed with one would be a great idea.  The idea was to have a 12 size reel with the gearing and cranking power of a 30 size reel

I fished my "Super 12" on a Calstar 770xx rail rod for most of the trip and found that it gave me a great advantage in being able  to get a sardine away from the boat with a really castable big game reel!

I was using 100# hollow spectra and 100# premium seaguar  floro with a 5/0 ringed Super Mutu hook when the fish of my dreams answered the call.

This reel was truly amazing as I was able to walk this fish right up to gaff in about one hour. When the fish got into its deep circles I was able to put this little powerhouse in low gear and really put the "hurt" to this fish.

When he finally was gaffed  I couldn't believe my eyes as this had been an ambition of mine for a long time

Accurate truly has a winner here as not only does this reel cast like a dream but has tremendous cranking power in a small package!

I thought about retiring this reel but I see more big fish in its future!

My advice--Don't leave the docks without one!!!

David Malone

Friday, November 25, 2011


The annual Accurate & Red Rooster III open charter was again an amazing success. Great " drift fishing " for yellowfin tuna and wahoo. We fished the " buffer Zone " outside of Isla Clarion, Mexico.

Accurate provided $75,000.00 of loaner gear for anglers to use at no charge. This is standard procedure on all Accurate hosted Long Range trips.

Accurate and the Red Rooster III
have scheduled the same trip for November 2012.

Contact Red Rooster III office for details. 619 224-3857.