Tuesday, September 15, 2009

East Cape 201 Pound Yellowfin on Boss 665W

Accurate Reels,
Check out this nice yellowfin tuna we caught in the East Cape. It weighed in at 201 pounds. That is my son in law and daughter in the pictures. Remind me never to do that again without a harness. The Boss 665W reel can stand up to the test but the anglers are a mess. We had the fish to gaff after about 5 hours but missed the opportunity. It took 3 hours more to get another shot at it. We had the drag on the Boss 655W down so tight it took both hands for us to pull the 60# mono off of it after we landed the fish. On it's 1st run it took the 80# spectra down to where I could see the arbor on the spool. The reel got really hot but the drag pressure never changed and the drags never got jerky. This never could have been done with a reel manufactured by someone else.

Mark Rayor
VSeasport Sportfishing - East Cape Baja Mexico

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